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CUT (2014)

A 热血小剧场 production

​Role: Director

A devised theatre piece exploring the legacy of one of the most important Chinese language theatre directors in Malaysia - Ho Shih Pin. Uncovering a journey spanned across 2.5 decades of his career (from 1988 until our performance day), we put together a series of important events within the development of the local Chinese language theatre scene in Malaysia since 1919, juxtapose with Ho's personal life that continues to shape his works and creative approaches.

The piece was presented in a style that consists of lecture, docu-theatre and parody to relook at these underrepresented stories of an artist as well as those passionate theatre-makers who had worked with him.

Performers: Choo Chan Vyon May, Leung Wai Ming

Performance dates: 4 - 6 July 2014 at TEAM Studio, Kuala Lumpur

"何世平 - 他的故事?他的传奇?他的创造?



演出日期:2014年7月4日 - 6日 于 吉隆坡TEAM聚团工作室

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