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​STRANGE TALES 聊斋 (2019)

​A Grid Iron and Traverse Theatre Company Co-Production
Adapted from Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio by Pu Songling, by Pauline Lockhart with Ben Harrison
Role: Actor


★★★★ The Guardian

★★★★ The Scotsman

   ★★★★ HeraldScotland

          ★★★★ Bouquets & Brickbats

     ★★★★ The Reviews Hub

When wind and snow fill the sky and the fire has grown cold, relight the coals, warm the wine and turn up the wick of the lamp.

We enter these tales in the shadows of night, but hopefully emerge into daylight.

Written in China centuries ago, Pu Songling’s Strange Tales are now adapted for stage by the acclaimed immersive theatre company Grid Iron in co-production with the Traverse Theatre.


Filled with intrigue, mysticism, magic, sensuality, and a dash of terror, Strange Tales will draw you into a world full of mischievous fox spirits, yearning ghosts and shapeshifting creatures where anything and everything is possible.


But be warned – unless you come to these tales with an open mind and brave heart, you may never be able to escape them…

This thrilling immersive production uses puppetry, movement and cutting-edge digital technology to thrust you right into the pages of the tales themselves. Adapted by Pauline Lockhart and Ben Harrison from a selection of Pu Songling’s original tales, Strange Tales will wrap itself around you and make you shiver in delight and fright on Edinburgh’s dark winter nights.

Part of Edinburgh's Christmas 2019

Supported by Creative Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Council.
Strange Tales is brought to you in partnership with the Confucius Institute for Scotland.
Part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Chinese Classics Translation Project, funded by Arts Council England. Development process supported by Puppet Animation Scotland’s Creative Fund.

Performance dates: 30 November - 21 December 2019 at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh




几百年前,在中华大地上,蒲松龄志异于聊斋。现在,这些奇闻异事将由备受公众瞩目的浸入式剧团Grid Iron与Traverse联手搬演舞台。



这部浸入式惊悚剧作融合了木偶戏,肢体演绎与现代科技,力求将观众恰如其分地带入最初记载这些故事的卷轴中。本剧选用《聊斋志异》中部分故事为原型,经Pauline Lockhart(代表作:Schooled)和Ben Harrison(代表作:Jury Play、Spring Awakening)改编而成。这些奇异故事会将你紧紧包围,让你在爱丁堡冬夜里,在愉悦与恐惧中惶惶而栗。

本剧由创意苏格兰(Creative Scotland)及爱丁堡市政会(City of Edinburgh Council)联合支持,由苏格兰孔子学院合作构建。本剧隶属皇家莎士比亚剧团(Royal Shakespeare Company)中国经典戏剧翻译项目,由英格兰艺术委员会(Arts Council England)提供资金支持。排演阶段由苏格兰木偶动画创意基金(Puppet Animation Scotland’s Creative Fund)提供支持。

​演出日期:2019年11月30日 - 12月21日于爱丁堡 Traverse 剧场

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