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A World Vision Malaysia production
Role: Director, Playwright


This is a play about two women. 

Gu Jiahao, who aspired to be a President since childhood. We witness how she was undermined by her schoolteacher, ridiculed by her peers, doubted by her family members, and ultimately challenged by the embedded patriarch's set of hidden rules. Can she fight for her big dreams while at the same time accomplishing her societal assumed role as a woman i.e. daughter, mother?

Lin Yueyuan, an ordinary girl, was forced into child labour and had to give up her early education to help relieve her family’s financial burden. She was told that one day her Prince Charming would come and rescue her from this unfortunate fate, but never did she realise that the arranged marriage by her father is just another hell, ripping her apart even further.

Performance date: 11 September 2022 at Zepp Kuala Lumpur

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