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Workshop Title

Voice on Stage

Monologue Workshop

How Does My Heart Speak? 

Cloud Improvisation

International Theatre Pedagogy Salon

OMCRS Ebenezer Global Church Information Seminar (2020)

The Power of Music and Culture Summer Residential Course (2019)
The Idea of Playfulness
(2017, 2019)

Role Models Summer Residential Course

Chinese Labour Corp Workshop


Seni Untuk Semua Atas Talian

Born Drama Studio Beijing

Cultural Economy Development Agency Create Now Programme

Association of Chinese International Student in Theatre

Children Palace Chongqing


HOME Church UK, OMCRS Ebenezer Manipur

QED Education, The Cambridge and Oxford Singing School

New Era University Drama and Visual Department

QED Education, Role Models Ltd

Meridian Society UK


Youtube - BASKL

Online - Zoom

Online - Zoom

Online - Zoom

Children Palace Chongqing

OMCRS Ebenezer Manipur

St. George's Secondary School

New Era University Blackbox 
Theatre Kajang
Ardingly College Sussex

Christ Church CEP Academy

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