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A Sunway University Department of Performance & Media (DPM) production
Presented by DPA Eleven Production; Performed by DPM March 2011 intake students
Role: Devisor, Performer, Editor

Passport is the Final Year Project: Theatre & Film Showcase created by the March 2011 intake students of the Sunway University Department of Performance & Media. The students were required to produce three short films and one theatre performance, under the guidance of Mark Teh, an active theatre practitioner and Brenda Danker, a well-known film and TV producer. 

The students focused on exploring the diverse relationships that exist in everyday life. The students continued to experiment with over-head projectors, music and the usage of shadows for the performance. 

When it came to the films, the students were able to work with well-known actors in the local industry. From the likes of Sharifah Amani, known for her collaborations with Yasmin Ahmad; Fatimah Abu Bakar, a well-known veteran of the theatre and film industry; and Mike Chuah, a local film star. The three films show the importance of sisterhood, brotherhood and friendships. 

The theatre pieces started out with one idea, "Relationships". Of course relationships happen everywhere we look and are part of any major conflict so the students decided to focus specifically on the relationships and stories of people that are often overlooked in life. These include people who are no longer with us, people who don't seem to matter, and sometimes, the people we think matter the most. 

Performance dates: 24 - 26 May 2013 at Roof Top Theatre Sunway University, Kuala Lumpur

*****One of the films produced - DIRI was selected for the BMW Shorties 2014 Finalists*****

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